Cases Max Plus Company

Case Max Plus Company – Atacadão

Case Atacadão – Jacuí Store

– Aereal view

Footage: 7.591 m²

System Used: Max Protection System

Location: Itaquera – São Paulo – SP

Aplicator: LTC Engenharia

“Max Plus’ service has always been excellent, providing all technical and operational support. The dealer who helped us was also very helpful and proactive.

Related to the material has shown to provide exactly what was proposed to us in the presentations, reducing the thermal load and bringing more comfort to the environment.”

Claudio Geromel
Engineering and Reform

Case Max Plus Company – Marabraz

Case Marabraz – Shed G7

– Aereal view

Footage: 185.642m²

System Used: Max Protection System above zipped cover

Location: Cajamar – SP

“Our experience with Max Plus was very good, both in terms of product satisfaction and the entire installation process. We never had any issues with the warranty.

A transparent company with good communication and good service. We did a work that was somewhat daring due to the size of the shed, but it was a success.

Our expectations were met and also the satisfaction of our customers who occupy the shed”.

Gabriel Marques
Civil Engineer

Case Max Plus Company – Schaeffler

Case – Schaeffler Brasil

– Aereal view
Footage: 34.425m²
System Used: Max Protection System
– Location: Sorocaba – SP

“Our roof leaks were pretty critical, and after applying the Max Plus waterproofing system, we fixed the problem 100%”.

Antonio Rodrigues
Maintenance – Installations

Case Max Plus Company – Fitesa

Case– Fitesa

– Aereal view
– Footage: 10.841m²
System Used: Max Protection System
– Location: Jacareí – SP

“Max Plus is a very serious and committed company.
They perform a serious and very professional service”.

Simoni Kondo
Process, Quality and Development Coordinator

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