The biggest proven guarantee in Brazil!

Products and systems with Max Plus quality, applied according to specifications by authorized applicators, result in the best warranty program in the Brazilian industry.

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Max Plus will protect your investment with the proper product and systems warranty.

The product guarantee is 10 years against any manufacturing defect and is offered directly by Max Plus.

The renewable warranty of the systems for material and labor, for any Max Plus recovery system is 10 or 15 years when applied by a certified applicator following precisely the specifications for the products and application.

Generally, the warranty renewal that takes place every 10 or 15 years for Max Plus roof recovery systems is done at a price well below the initial investment.

This makes Max Plus recovery systems for roofs truly sustainable by reducing investment over time.

10 and 15 year renewable warranties for systems and services, and 10 for products.

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See here some cases by Max Plus Company

According to the brazilian law, in civil construction, a 5 year warranty is mandatory.

But we offer a 10 or even 15 year warranty, which is renewable!

In Brazil, the 5-year guarantee in civil construction is a right guaranteed by law to consumers who purchase a new property or carry out work on their property. This guarantee covers defects that could compromise the safety, soundness or functioning of the building, for example, problems in the structure, electrical and hydraulic installations, among others. (Learn more about civil construction warranty laws)

It is important to highlight that the 5-year warranty does not apply to problems resulting from misuse, lack of maintenance or repairs carried out by third parties who are not qualified professionals. In addition, it is necessary to comply with the guidelines of the owner’s manual, which provides information and instructions on the use, maintenance and conservation of the building.

To activate the 5-year warranty, the owner must notify the builder or person responsible for the work about the defect, presenting documentation that proves the existence of the problem. If the person responsible refuses to carry out the repair, the consumer may resort to consumer protection bodies or the courts to resolve the issue.

The law is an important consumer protection instrument in civil construction, which ensures the quality and safety of buildings. Therefore, it is essential that the owner is aware of this right and fulfills the obligations provided for by law, thus guaranteeing the preservation and enhancement of his heritage.

Max Plus, a pioneer in the manufacture of ultra-technological and sustainable products, offers a 10-year warranty for products and application, in accordance with the terms of the term, which can be renewed for another 10 years. In other words, your well for 20 years will be free of infiltration and excessive heat.

Not to mention, of course, the savings that our Max Therm generates in environments that require the presence of air conditioning to maintain an ideal temperature for employees. Learn how to return 100% of your investment in Max Plus systems.

You can learn a little more about this subject through the case of Natura, which developed a study on the payback of the application of Max Protection in its factory located in Cajamar – SP.

The conclusion was that due to the 40% decrease in electricity consumption/expense previously promoted by the use of air conditioning equipment at maximum power, the company recovered 100% of the amount invested in just 2.5 years.

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Don’t waste any more time, be one more sustainable company eliminating all the problems of leaks, infiltrations and heat from your company’s roof, having 100% of the amount invested back!

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